Sunday, April 18, 2010

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ReQall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did I say FREE?
        I most certainly did!

PCWorld has a list of 19 free Web resources for real, honest-to-goodness business applications that you would otherwise have to, well, PAY for. To give a sense of the goodness of the goodies, there are suggestions for making FREE long distance calls, send and receive FREE faxes, video conference for FREE, make FREE conference calls, use FREE directory assistance, automatically transcribe voice notes for FREE, turned scanned docs into text for FREE, get FREE copies of e-classics, send FREE text messages, store large files in the cloud for FREE, and download FREE mp-3s. The services highlighted in the article include:
English: TokBox Logo
English: TokBox Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talkster; Qipit,  eFax Free and FaxZero;  TokBox; Rondee; Google 411; reQall; OCR Terminal; Project Gutenberg; txtDrop and Krypton;; and, for the free mp3s, try Amazon, Rhapsody, Elbows, RCRD LBL, Stereogum and Internet Archive.
Check them out! And please feel free to post your own favorite FREE resources in the comments! I love me some FREE.
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