Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Another Ugly Business doing UGLY BUSINESS

I absolutely HATE AT&T.  1st of all,  their customer service skills SUCK!  OK,  let me start from beginning.  I received my August bill for cable (basic cable)  & Internet on August 3rd when I noticed that my usual bill of $87.00 was now $205.00.  I saw where my account had been upgraded without my authorization or consent so I called AT&T's HORRIBLE EXCUSE for customer service I've ever dealt with.  I spoke with a CSR by the name of Deborah.  She was nice and professional and offered to fix the mistake,  well she did but only for 1 day.  The very next day the charges reappeared.  I called back again and proceeded to explain again to a different CSR the same problem.  He transferred me to 2other incompetent individuals but not before he explained that an inner office email takes up to 7 days to receive,  mind you AT&T is one of the largest communication conglomerates in the world,  that's where the lies begin.  Now remember,  there's but one issue and I'm on my second day,  3 separate calls and 4th idiot.  I'm about to scream at this point.  Still nothing.  I started to reverie termination notices on my account the next day so I took a deep breath,  said a short prayer and called again.  The fifth idiot,  well,  I can't express the anger through civilized words in this post so let's just say,  MAJOR WASTE OF FLESH there.  Ok,  now day 4 and 5th CSR and getting more

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Hey Everyone,
Long time no post. Well, I'm back today to tell you about this AWESOME Loyalty program I found. It's called REWARDS.COM a simple yet complex loyalty based program where instead of earning points to shop, you actually earn cryptocurrency. How AWESOME IS THAT? Here is Linda Butcher and Todd Rowan the founders of Rewards.com to tell you more.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Good Business!

I have a great life! Business is awesome, of course! Want to know about the business I work with? It Works is so awesome. It is awesome because I paid a one time small investment, lost an inch and a quarter in my sleep while wearing one of the It Works wraps, and I made over half my money back already by signing Loyal Customers under me. Those Loyal Customers are also losing inches and spending less money by ordering through It Works instead of retail. Why? Because they get up to a 40% discount on everything they order!

As for my writing career: I quit one that wasn't worth what I was making and went to a few others full time that will make me a lot of money. Not only am I making very good money with my writing career but I am already making good money with my business. Want to know how you can lose inches and make money at the same time? You can contact me by going to my website here, and clicking on my picture or name and leaving your name and email information so I can contact you back. Let me know if you want in!

Personal life is great too! We are moving out of this place we have been calling a home, if you want to call it that, and we are moving to our new home this month! I can't wait to live in our new house that we are buying because I am helping buy it and pay the bills with my money I am making from working online. Owning a home is going to be so great! All this with my husband of almost 17 years who I love very much! Life is great!
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