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The man trying to stick it to me again

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The Man thought he could get me AGAIN!!!!!!
Editorial Bad Business
Shelly Michalk

Well, right after my posting on Direct TV, a rep from Comcast emailed me to tell me that I should come over to them. That they are such a better company and that they would NEVER treat me that way. So, I did. I went to Comcast and ordered a bundle deal that included a home phone, internet, wireless, and cable with 2 DVR's and 1 digital box. They said, "No Problem". So, I arranged for them to come out on Sunday, Dec 19th, 2009. So, the guy came out but there was a problem. He came out with phone hookup and 1 digital box and that was it. He explained to me that only 60% of their work orders were correct and that mix ups like this happen all the time.
So, I proceed to get a rep on the phone who apologized profusely and PROMISED to have someone at my house the following morning to correct the order. So, I stayed home from work to get this business taken care of. Well, you can imagine my surprise when 2PM arrived and I hadn't received so much as a phone call from Comcast. I went ahead, took a deep breath and dialed the 1800 # as calmly as possible. I explained to the rep what had taken place the day before and as she looked up my account she informed me that the order WAS complete and that no other items had been ordered.
After I thought my head would explode, I of course yelled loudly and demanded she get a supervisor. After that idiot got on the phone, he assured me several times that a different installer would be out the following morning to complete the order. ( Now we are going on day 3, Tuesday the 21st).
Well, the next morning, the installer showed up. Did he have the complete order? HELL NO!!!! He only brought with him another digital box. No HD DVR. No reg DVR, and NO INTERNET OR WIRELESS. I walked straight to the fridge and downed a beer so fast that I don't believe I even tasted it. So after telling him to get a supervisor on the phone, I walked to my room and screamed repeatedly into a poor pillow that I was also punching.
YUP, You Guessed It - STRIKE 3!!!
When the uneducated and pathetic supervisor got on the phone, I proceeded to ask him, "Why does your sorry GD company insist on lying to their customers?" This idiot responded by saying, "What kind of person are you to be using God's name in vain?" After the initial shock of his question, I whispered a "Please forgive me Lord" and asked him, "Who in the hell he thought he was to be questioning my morality when all I've gotten from anyone in the 3 days of Comcast service was lies."
So by now, I'm ready to put their equipment on the sidewalk and tell them to come get this crap when I got a call saying, another installer is on his way with the rest of the order. FINALLY, I thought and I waited as patiently as I could.
Now mind you, I had already wasted 3 days of work and countless hours on the phone with this sorry ass company when the 3rd guy showed up. Yes, he had the correct equipment and yes he was very nice, but did he know how to install everything? HELL NO!!!!!!!
STRIKE 4!!!!
After 2 hours, he left. The DVR's worked, the internet worked, but he could not get the wireless to work. I was fed up! I told him to leave and I got on the phone with tech support to help me set up the wireless. I dialed the 1800 # to NetTech and directed to a call center out of India. Can I get a F-ing break? I have nothing against anyone in India but I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND anything he said. I was tired, frustrated, and sick to death of dealing with this CRAP. So, I did what any other tired, angry, frustrated, hormonal, menopausal, bi-polar woman would do......... I hung up the phone and threw it across the room. I hunkered down in front of the computer and attempted to fix it myself. After 4 hours and alot of cussing, I finally got it installed. I finally had a complete order.
On the 5th day, I got a bill via email for, get this, $418.00 I thought to myself, "Shelly, give up. Just roll over and get the screwing that they had been trying to give me. No dinner, no movie, not even a good night kiss. Just a real good screwing." I decided not to deal with it anymore for a couple of days.
A week later, I decided to post my complaints on's comments. I described in detail all the crap they had put me through and how disgusted I was with everyone from the woman who took the order to all the idiot's I had to speak with in order to get 1 fricken order completed.
A few days later, a man with Comcast named Timothy emailed me to express what I thought was pure regret and concern for all the troubles I have had with the service and he issued a $150.00 credit. I thanked him but told him that until some of these issues were fixed, he would probably continue to have the same trouble with other new customers. he replied by saying in short that he undeerstood but since I was only a residential customer and not a big business account, he could care less.
Ain't that a B-tch?

So, to the lady who responded to my post and encouraged me to go to Comcast...... Bite me
To all the idiot reps...... Bite me
and to Mr. Timothy and Comcast in general...................... Kiss My Ass!!!!!!

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