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Chapter 1: What Is Public Relations? « Sarah's PRCA Blog

PR book.
There are 6 key words to remember when thinking of the definition of public relations:
•  Deliberate:  Public relations is intentional and its goal is to influence, gain understanding, provide information, and obtain feedback.
•  Planned:  PR is organized.
•  Performance:  ”Effective public relations is based on actual policies and performance.  No amount of public relations will generate goodwill and support if the organization is unresponsive to community concerns.”
•  Public Interest:  PR work is there to help out and organization and the public.
•  Two-way communication:  ”Public relations is more than one-way dissemination of information materials.  It is equally important to solicit feedback.”
•  Management function:  ”Public relations is most effective when it is a strategic and integral part of decision making by top management.  Public relations involves counseling and problem solving at high levels, not just the dissemination of information after a decision has been made.”
Public Relations as a Process:
Research- What is the problem or situation?
Action (program planning)- What is going to be done about it?
Communication (execution)- How will the public be told?
Evaluation- Was the audience reached and what was the effect?
  • **Public relations differs from journalism, advertising, and marketing.
Marketing executives in a 2006 PRWeek survey [ranked] the effectiveness of public relations higher than advertising or marketing in nine areas.”:
•  Brand reputation
•  Corporate reputation
•  Cultivating thought leaders
•  Strategy development
•  Launching a new product
•  Building answers
•  Generating word of mouth
•  Message development
•  Overcoming a crisis              
–There are 5 essential abilities one should have if planning a career in PR:
(1.)  Writing skills
(2.)  Research ability
(3.)  Planning expertise
(4.)  Problem-solving ability
(5.)  Business/economics competence

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