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Brassey’s Guide to War Films

Brassey’s Guide to War Films is a comprehensive listing of over 2,000 war films set from Ancient Greece to the first Gulf War. Entries include information on the director, major actors, and a plot synopsis. This book also contains indexes to locate films by director or a specific period (ie. World War II, the Middle Ages, etc.).
Brassey’s Guide to War Films is located in the Reference Collection of Emerson Library.
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Mashup: Best Movies of 2000s

I came across a cool mashup of the best films of 2000s.
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Edited Clean Version

Edited Clean Version: Technology and Culture of Control by Raiford Guins takes a look at how media technology has changed censorship and control. With the emergence of V-chips, Internet filters, and parental control features, censorship is occurring at the hands of the technology users, not the government.
Edited Clean Version: Technology and Culture of Control can be found on the 4th floor of Emerson Library.
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As Heard on TV

As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising by Bethany Klein takes a look at how popular music is used effectively in advertising. Klein also looks at how advertising helps musicians and the future of popular music in advertising. A bibliography is included for further research and reading.
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New Library Database for Media Marketing and Advertising

Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) Media Solutions Online is now available through the library’s website. You can search media advertising information, contact data, as well as demographic and lifestyle statistics. For example, you can use the SRDS Lifestyle Market Audience Analyst (LMAA) module to find out which city has the biggest concentration of 18-24 year olds (Lafayette, IN). With that information, you can then search radio stations in Lafayette, IN that target the 18-24 age groups for advertising and marketing. You can also search for information on television, cable, newspapers, magazines and business media. Additional lifestyle ranking data in the LMAA module that can be searched include travel, health, food, automotive products, psychographics, and more.
More information on SRDS Media Solutions Online can be found at:
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Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons

The third edition of The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons is now available. From the silent era to the computer generated animation of today, this work covers the complete history of animated shorts and full-length features. Also included is a list of awards and honors and a bibliography for further research and reading.
The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons is available in the reference collection at Emerson Library.
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iPoll: New Database of Public Opinion Polls

iPoll, by Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, gives you the power to search multiple public opinion polls at one time. Over a half million questions from organizations, including Gallup Poll, Pew Research Associates and various media outlets, can be searched through this database. Some of the content goes all the way back to 1935 for a great historical perspective on public opinions. General public opinion polls, such as health, economy and media, are covered as well as specific polls such as election exit polls, presidential job performance, and others. Datasets for many of the polls are also included so you can view the research methodology and statistical calculations behind the results.
More information on iPoll can be found at:
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Now In Reference: Editor & Publisher Market Guide 2010

The latest edition of Editor & Publisher Market Guide is now available. The 86th edition has been updated with the latest quality of life and census data, as well as economic and demographic projections for 2010. E & P Market Guide is an invaluable source for finding information on newspaper markets for media and advertising.
Editor & Publisher Market Guide can be found in the Reference Collection at Emerson Library.
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2010 Photographer’s Market

Now available in the Reference collection is the 2010 Photographer’s Market: Where & How to Sell Your Photographs. This popular book contains over 1,000 listings of magazines, book publishers, galleries, contests, and other markets that may publish your photographs. Each listing contains contact information, specs, tips for submission and other important information. Also included is expert interviews and articles to help you start selling your work.
2010 Photographer’s Market: Where & How to Sell Your Photographs can be found on the 2nd floor of Emerson Library.
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Key Concepts in Public Relations

Key Concepts in Public Relations explains over 150 concepts important to public relations. This book also provides a brief introduction into the history of public relations. Also included at the end of every concept is a bibliography for further research and reading.
Key Concepts in Public Relations can be found on the 3rd floor of Emerson Library.
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