Friday, October 1, 2010

What the Hell????

So, in June, my husband bought me a tanning package at "At The Beach" ( a spray tan application ). The day he purchased it and signed a contract I used the service, I noticed a really bad blotching and itching, I marked it off because I had lotion on and figured there was a reaction. The next day, I went back and tried it again. Same thing happened, I went to a Dr. who told me I was allergic and don't use it again. I called At The Beach, informed them of the situation and was told, "Don't worry about it." You've only had the contract 2 days, we can cancel it, NO PROBLEM". 3 weeks later, I'm online checking my account and noticed not 1
BUT 2 charges from AT THE BEACH.
So, I called back and spoke with "Customer Service", ( who by the way, I've spoken to less educated, hateful, mean people who were nicer than that B----), anyway, she proceeded to tell me, too bad, I could either use a tanning bed OR just continue to pay for a service I was allergic to. I then told her, well, technically, your company just broke our contract due to the overcharge. She laughed at me, hung up, and charged my account again which resulted in, mega insufficient funds charges from another corrupt institution, US BANK, ( that's another day).
Through US BANK, I filed a fraud report, filled out 5-6 forms explaining situation, faxed several records over to them hoping and praying they would back me up.
Well, that didn't happen. AT THE BEACH got away with over charging me and US BANK totally screwed me on 3 INSF charges.

Can someone please tell me why an individual can miss a payment on a contract, or make a late payment, and be in default of a contract but a corporation can over charge, not supply service or product specified in contract and get away with it.

Customer Service is DEAD and GONE at " AT THE BEACH" and US Bank. The customer is never right and costumer service reps act more like polititians, telling you what you want to hear in order to get your John Hanncock on the dotted line, then they are on their own agenda. 

Don't fret, I'm sooooo NOT done with them yet, wish me luck.
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