Monday, November 1, 2010

Moving??? In the market for a new job in new town? Here are a few resources for YOU!!!

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English: CV profile system that allows interactive search of job candidates and employers and communication between them.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A New City. A New Job, 

Well today, I'm moving to Texas and while YES, there is a story behind that, it will have to wait for another time. But since I'm moving to a new town, starting a new life, I decided to go for the Hat-trick and change careers. I like living on the edge and since I haven't been very full-filled as an Executive Assistant, I decided to do some research to find out what my passion is.

Today I'm leaving you with resources, advice, and information on How To Change Careers

Also, check with local Chamber of Commerce as well as State Workforce Centers, lot's of valuable resources available!

Well, if you've been thinking about a career change lately, read the articles and resources  above to help you make an informed decision. A career is more than a job. It's a life choice. Be careful and diligent with your choice, you owe it to yourself.

See Ya Next Time,

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