Friday, January 14, 2011

Julie and Julia

Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 My Inspiration

One of the inspirations for my blogging attempt is the movie Julie and Julia. It's a movie about a writer who cooked and wrote her way through Julia Child's cook book. It is absolutely one of my favorite movies as I too love to cook and Julia Child has been gracing my TV since I was a child.
I love the way the writer not only cooked her way through the cook book but she actually researched Julia and her life. She read through letters from Julia's husband, she learned about Julia's time in France, and it seemed as the writer was cooking, Julia would manifest in her kitchen to help her with everything except Beef Aspects, ( I believe it is called, lol).
 Julie was such an inspiration to me that I wanted to say, Thank You!!!! Thank You for NOT being afraid to follow through. Thank You for not letting Abigale steal your thunder, AND THANK YOU for not giving up even after Julia Child refused to meet you. I'm sure that was hard but at the time Julia had to be in her 80-90's and probably would have refused to meet the Pope. I know I'll never be as good as a writer as you are but I love your attitude and perseverance.
Again, Thank You
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