Friday, January 14, 2011

What in the Hell Happened to Customer Service?

Where Did Customer Service Go? 

 It seems now days, merchants are so involved with sales that they have forgotten the customer. That old rule..The Customer is ALWAYS Right, well that seems to be a fairy tale that Does Not Exist. Case in point Metro PCS in Burelson, Texas. I went in on the 11th to pay my bill. The clerk whose name starts with ... Brandi, has decided that waiting on three customers at a time instead of giving her undivided attention to one customer at a time because that would interfere with  her web surfing time, mixed up my payment and applied it to someone else' account. During the commotion of waiting on three customers at a time, I neglected to notice I didn't get a receipt. The next day, I received a text from Metro PCS saying my bill was due. I called the branch I had gone to, and what a shocker the high school drop out working behind the desk didn't know what I was talking about. So I drove to Metro PCS in Burelson, Texas where Brandi acted as if this whole problem was my fault and had the AUDACITY to say that SHE paid my bill out of her OWN pocket. 2 things happened at that moment, #1. I reminded myself I was a Christian and she was a child of God, and #2. I showed self control that I didn't know I had and kept myself from climbing over the counter and beating her senseless with her keyboard. Never once did it occur to her that Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she was in the wrong from the get go.

Well, BRANDI, here is some advice for you....

1. Wait on ONE customer at a time.

2. The customer is NEVER AT FAULT, Take some responsibility for your actions, You IDIOT!!!!

3. Never make a customer feel as if your doing them a favor because in reality, if it weren't for that customer, you wouldn't have a job.

To other idiot's running a business, Bring Customer Service back. It should have NEVER died, so PLEASE, PLEASE, Bring it back!!!
Editorial by Shelly Michalk-Schumacher
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