Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Company Who Doesn't Keep To They're End Of the Deal

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UGH!!! Not Again... Editorial 

So, I'm having a run in with yet another company who will lie to get your business, sign you up to a 2 year contract and yet NOT live up to their end of the deal. Who is it?
The company is ClearWire, they supply internet services. They claim to run off Sprint towers and say that if you can use your Sprint cell phone that you will be able to receive 4G internet services with them. THEY LIED!!!!
My home is in Pearland, Texas and I have ClearWire internet services with them at my home, so when I called to inquire about their ClearWire HotSpot, I was excited to hear that if I have a Sprint phone, which I do, that I should have no problem receiving their 4G HotSpot services. To my disappointment, I've been paying the $73.58 a month bill with no luck of using my HotSpot. When I called to cancel the service with no charge to me because of the misleading sales speech, I was deeply disappointed that they wanted to charge me $40.00 to get out of the contract that they did not honor.
The fight continues, and I will keep you all updated on how ClearWire plans to handle the situation.
Wish me luck.
Editorial by Shelly Michalk-Schumacher

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