Thursday, April 11, 2013

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     Moving back to Texas last year after my divorce, I decided to focus on me. Take it easy, try and reduce my stress, and just basically, get to know me again. So, I decided to take a break from my title as Executive / Administrative Assistant and take a part time job as a waitress so I would have more time for me because  my previous positions required me to work basically around the clock at times. Now, almost a  year later, I'm missing being behind a desk and behind the scenes so I'm on a mission and it's called: Mission Find a JOB!
     I love to work but absolutely HATE looking for a job. So, I took a deep breath, opened my browser, said a nervous "HELLO"to google then gently typed in the empty search box under the logo, "J O B  S E A R C H". I pushed "SEARCH" and felt myself getting dizzy when I saw the results rise to over 3,710,000,000.
I thought about getting up right then and going to the liquor but I didn't. I put on my big girl panties and decided to use this opportunity to fuel my blog with the knowledge and resources I would gain from conducted my own job search.
     One of the things I've never liked about hunting for a job is the use of JOB SEARCH ENGINES. It has always been my belief that finding a posting of a job on a search engine is like trying to win the lotto. See, in the old days, employers would use word of mouth or newspaper ads to fill a position. Well say only 20 people saw the add and only 5 people were told about the opening. Well the odds weren't so bad, you had a 1 in 25 chance of getting the job. Not with a job search engine. No, with a job search engine, hundreds maybe, if I dare push it, thousands of people in a Metropolitan area, such as Dallas/Ft. Worth, see the ad and apply for it. There go your odds!!!! 
     So, I decided to research not the most popular job search engines, but the most effective, if there is such a thing. Now there are way too many JSE (job search engines) out there to mention in this post so we will just pick a few.  We have all heard of , , , , & and while these are the most popular, it still makes me question their effectiveness. Like I said at first, the more people to apply for a certain position, the weaker your odds get. So I decided to compare the most popular with the not so popular. 
     One of the things I looked for in a JSE was user friendliness, accuracy, and tools for organizing my job search. One of the JSE's I came across was . When you log in and if you allow it to see your location, it will automatically shows you just how many jobs are in your area. Also, the site was over all very easy to use. I love to go onto  a site and look at what resources they offer if any at all, ( I love, love, love links. They are like little presents full of knowledge) anyway, this site offered 4 featured resources: #1 Career Cafe
which offered informative articles about jobs, job search, careers, etc... I found it quite helpful. Then there was  #2 Career News which offered the latest news on a wide variety of topics within the workforce. #3 Career Test  now this was cool, several categories of skill sets, you click all that apply to you and it shows you what careers best suit you. #4 Salary Information  simply type in Job Type, Job Title, and State and it will give you the State's average salary for that particular position. there are a few more resources such as Job Information, and Related News, but my favorite was Military 2 Civilian, this takes your military training experience and converts into civilian job possibilities. WAY COOL!!!! Definitely worth checking out.
     Now, for the things I DID NOT LIKE ABOUT IT: After you register with the site and your ready to get on with your job search, you push "ENTER" anticipating getting to the job board when all of a sudden, you get bombarded with a million continuing education ads trying to put the personal information you just registered with into their forms. I HATE THAT. I finally get through all of that to end up at the job board that looks just like that is powered by .  Then I realized, the not so popular Job Search Engines are powered by the popular Job Search Engines. Go FIGURE!
     Overall, had some very good information and easy to use tools but, you be the judge. I will leave you with links to other Job Search and Career Resources that I found. Happy Job Hunting

Shelly Michalk-Schumacher
April 11, 2013
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