Friday, February 20, 2015

Be careful with clients

Hey everyone! I first want to thank Shelly for letting me contribute to this blog and her other blog: How to be Successful at Everything. I love writing and blogging and am very fortunate to be successful with what I do.

Now about getting clients for your writing business. You have to be very careful who you write for. Your best bet, when finding a client to write for, is to have them either pay half upfront or all of it upfront. Tell them you need all of it upfront first and if they agree, you are good. You will also want to have them sign a contract between the two of you to ensure you are getting paid and that they will get the work done from you. Now, if they say for some reason they can't pay all of it upfront, tell them at least half. If they still say they can't, run for it and run fast without looking back! If they can't agree and won't sign a contract, they weren't going to pay you in the first place.

Getting clients for your writing busy is always exciting, Especially if it is your first one. You just have to be very careful because there are people out there who think they can get your work and not have to pay. Make sure to do some research on them first too. Ask your friends and colleagues if they have heard of the person. Check around on forums and ask on there. Just do what you can to find out all you can about them before agreeing to work with them. You always want to ensure you will get paid for everything you do. Never, ever work for nothing! You are worth more than that!
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